Thursday, September 25, 2008


So, the more I think about it, the more I'm beginning to think that I am musically superfluous. I don't REALLY bring much to the table. My best instruments are bassoon, bass guitar, cello, and clarinet. Wow. Yup. I went to All-State on bassoon, played in a bunch of honor bands, even went to Europe and played. I won solo contests, got a bassoon scholarship. I always loved it. It was like an extension of my soul. It felt so good to play, and I loved the way it sounded. It's so expressive and mellow and beautiful. But necessary? Not so much. There are a handful of pieces that use a bassoon feature, and they are recognizable pieces. Off the top of my head, I can think of like three notable pieces that the average person would recognize (though they aren't actually my favorite pieces to play) "Mr. Mistoffeles" from the musical Cats, "Funeral March for the Marionette" by Gounod, and "Peter and the Wolf". Otherwise, they generally have nice parts, but not the parts most people recognize. Bass guitar is awesome and provides that driving beat (I was always told it was the heart of the band), but when you put together an ensemble, can you do without? Yes. Yes, you can. *shakes head* And cello. Oh, cello! So beautiful. It's the instrument with the range most closely resembling the human voice. However, once again, can be done without. I suppose it's cool that my instruments can be considered "frosting"...but it's a hard thing to realize as I begin to shop for a bass guitar.

I figure I play bass enough without owning one that it warrants maybe like getting my own...essentially, I don't want to mooch as often. I mean, I don't play super often, but I've played some for worship, and I played in a pit orchestra and various other random times in the last few years, and I really miss, I can't safely store my cello, yet. So, it's not here for me to play on, and it's not quite the same to noodle on a clarinet, really. So, I figured I'd look into getting a bass for Christmas. I've always played an electric bass guitar. But for some reason, I've had it in my head that I should try acoustic electric. I mean, I like the versatility and it seems so practical. I keep thinking, "I could play it when my friends are having guitar parties...or if I go back to camp, it could be used at worship or campfire...I could noodle around without necessarily buying an amp because most gigs I play provide the amp...I can only afford one guitar; so, why not have one that can be played plugged or unplugged?" But then I get to thinking about the adjustment and the fact that I don't know if people would WANT my acoustic bass at the guitar parties (as it would be...supa different...and superfluous)...and what if I don't go back to camp? PLUS, I just don't know if I can really play one. I mean, I tried one out today at the guitar store, and technically, I can play it. I mean, it requires some technique adjustment, but totally do-able. The real question is if I can make the STYLE adjustment. I've always liked to sling it low and rock it hard...that's not exactly how you play acoustic. I've always been a bass chick -- a rock chick (a bass-a-chick-a-rock-a-chick-a-boom!). So, can I be an acoustic chick? Would it just look unnatural to put me behind an acoustic? Could I figure out how to rock out in that new stance...I mean, my bass wouldn't get to be slung near my hip...and the ability to like...move...would change...Could I make that adjustment? Should I make that adjustment? Would it be too weird if I made that adjustment? Would I miss electric too much? Would I get guitar envy when I hung out with David and John? Would this just open the door to me buying a second bass? I know the versatility and practicality suit me...but does acoustic-electric guitar suit me...they're pretty but in such a different way...I just don't know...and if I got one, I'd probably have to steer clear of the natural wood might creep me out too much. I mean, at the store today. I liked playing the acoustic electric, but I couldn't help buy eye the hott electric next to it. Do I have too much of a wandering eye to be satisfied with an acoustic electric? I must figure this out so I know what to put on my Christmas list. My dad wants to know what I want so he can do his own comparison shopping...*sigh*

I wrote this to vent, but by all means, me...I just don't know.

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