Thursday, December 29, 2005

Who knew I could write so frequently about lust?

Today was a day of in preparation for the new year, perhaps? I don't know...On the surface, I began the process of cleaning out my room so that I could switch bedrooms with my sister. With any luck, I'll get this done before the new year. Then, I can throw out some old stuff and have a refreshed and clean bedroom. Yay!

On a deeper level, though, I've begun some more serious prayer and meditation...on a lot of my short comings and praying to God that He might give me the strength to follow Him and serve Him better. It's been a day of myself...and my God...and my boyfriend...and after I've slept, I'll further my apologies by apologizing to all of you...then, the title to this post will make more sense, but for now, I need sleep. My apologies.

Monday, December 19, 2005


I have issues...all kinds of issues that I'm attempting to deal with: weight issues, dating issues, lust issues, self-esteen issues, faith issues...pretty much I have an issue with myself...something that must be corrected...good thing I'm away from school and can be at home among friends...maybe that'll help me get through these issues...I hope it does...Hopefully, by God's grace, I will overcome these...I pray that I will so I might be able to serve Him better.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

the lust issue continued...

In my curiousity about the plague of lust and pornography and masturbation and other impurities...I gave in and checked out, which was...ummm...odd and interesting...kind of crazy...not my cup of tea...probably 'cause I'm not recovering from those types of addictions. However, in my searches I also came across Purity Online. This website details how masturbation, pornography, homosexuality, and other sexual sins affect others and why they are a problem. I haven't finished looking over everything there, but it seems interesting. If you do check it out, please leave a comment for me so I know what you thought and what you saw and'll help me evaluate the site before I add it to my links. Thank you.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Lust....the four letter word

It is my belief that lust is a serious struggle for people, today, especially young people, but for all people as well. When I say the word "lust", many people probably think about one-night stands...or pre-marital sex supposedly marked by "love". Lust is more than that...that's why it runs many people don't want to name it for what it is.

So, what is lust? Lust is looking for sexual satisfaction outside of God's boundaries. It's the allowance of sexual desires to crowd out our love for God.

Why is it a problem? Lust distracts us from God's perfect will for us. Lust can cause grief, guilt, and can prevent us from worshipping, praying, and praising as we ought to. It may lead to lying, a futile attempt to cover our tracks or escape punishment. Lust hurts our relationship with God as well as our future spouses. It is reckless disobedience...a result of our sinful nature.



I started this post a long time ago...and now, I don't quite know how it ought to be finished out...yet, lust...remains a four letter does friends like to tell me that "every guy" has porn, whether he admits it or not....that can't be true, right? and why would it be true? guys say it's for "our own well-being that guys jack-off" 'cause otherwise they'd "be jumping girls all the time". Someone, clarify for me, please.

Friday, December 09, 2005


Title with a double meaning! Yay-rah! I'm breathing new life into this blog thanks to new safeguards on comments provided by blogspot! Yay!

Second meaning: It's almost Chrismas...and while the resurrection isn't really celebrated 'til Easter, it's time to remember it. To remember the reason for Christmas...God gave us a marvelous gift...His son...He gave us His son so that we could be cleansed for our sins. His son came to earth to be killed...and resurrected! We can not forget that our hope is in that glorious resurrection! Yay-rah!