Monday, December 12, 2005

Lust....the four letter word

It is my belief that lust is a serious struggle for people, today, especially young people, but for all people as well. When I say the word "lust", many people probably think about one-night stands...or pre-marital sex supposedly marked by "love". Lust is more than that...that's why it runs many people don't want to name it for what it is.

So, what is lust? Lust is looking for sexual satisfaction outside of God's boundaries. It's the allowance of sexual desires to crowd out our love for God.

Why is it a problem? Lust distracts us from God's perfect will for us. Lust can cause grief, guilt, and can prevent us from worshipping, praying, and praising as we ought to. It may lead to lying, a futile attempt to cover our tracks or escape punishment. Lust hurts our relationship with God as well as our future spouses. It is reckless disobedience...a result of our sinful nature.



I started this post a long time ago...and now, I don't quite know how it ought to be finished out...yet, lust...remains a four letter does friends like to tell me that "every guy" has porn, whether he admits it or not....that can't be true, right? and why would it be true? guys say it's for "our own well-being that guys jack-off" 'cause otherwise they'd "be jumping girls all the time". Someone, clarify for me, please.

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Kate said...

Not all guys have porn.