Monday, September 11, 2006

Black Tuesdays

Alright, here's the plan:

Every Tuesday from now through the vote in South Dakota (November 7) will be a Black Tuesday, but only with your participation.

I'm asking each of you to don your black in memory of all those babies that will never be born and to unite us in our quest to save more from suffering that fate. It will be a day of mourning but also a day of hope. A day to mourn the generations that we will never know, and a day to pray that everything will change so that we will not have to miss out on another generation of amazing South Dakotans.

This is bigger than supporting the ban, or the vote...this is supporting the babies, and supporting the mothers who chose to give life instead of take life. It's also a way to reach out to the mothers who may have aborted their children long ago but have been mourning since. We will join them in their mourning, share in their pain, and affirm that an injustice has been done.

Yes, we could just all wear our Vote Yes shirts, but not everyone has those. Besides, like I said earlier, this is about children and mothers, not about a political agenda. Each Tuesday, I'm hoping that you will get together and pray for life as well as those who will never enjoy life, together. I'm hoping to get something formal -- a prayer service or something -- organzized for anyone on the SDSU campus, but regardless of whether or not something huge is organized. Please, pray.

I pray that God would work in your heart that you might feel emboldened and peaceful enough to don black tomorrow. I pray that this can become a solemnly hopeful movement for the sake of life. Peace be with each and every one of you.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Female Hypocrisy


Female Hypocrisy - A Feminist Condition

Nancy Levant
September 6, 2006
I begin by quoting myself from a previous article:

“Try disagreeing with a political feminist and discover what a dumb ass your free will has become. Try disagreeing with anything a political feminist has to say about anything. You would get the same attitude and look from a radical environmentalist – no compromise, no reflection, no regard or respect for the opinion of another - no deals. Feminists are unapproachable, arrogant, and believe themselves to be intellectual elites…”

If never ceases to amaze me how “feminism” insults and degrades women. Either you accept and forward political feminist doctrines, or you are an idiot. As such, one cannot help but to consider the world history of women. It has been, in so many respects, a terribly sad history and one in which the personal opinions of women were mostly disregarded. This strange and bizarre standard continues in many, many nations all across the world. Think of it – half of the world’s population over written history - one of two genders - and the systematic denial of their brainpower, their capabilities, their opinions, and their contributions to cultures and mankind. And now, in the 21 Century, women themselves have organized to further this bitter history. Worse yet, contemporary women fell hook, line, and sinker into another enslavement trap. Now the feminist movement crafts our opinions for us and leaves us with no options minus those of their invention.

One might have expected gratitude from Westernized women for their liberation, for in truth it was our Constitution, our American sensibility, and American males that allowed women’s liberation to come to fruition in this nation. American men did in fact allow us to experience freedom in much the same way that they acknowledged the wrongness and sinfulness of human ownership and slavery. And for the record, this acknowledgment occurred in record historical time. But women’s gratitude did not transpire. American women do not experience thankfulness for their freedoms. Instead, they literally handed freedom and liberation to another master called “feminism,” which now dictates and legislates our opinions on just about every subject.

Political feminism, in this writer’s opinion, has again degraded the brainpower and contributions of women. I think it is fair to say that American women have become enslaved to moneymaking, money spending, the “health” and “beauty” industries, and to pathological vanity. And as such, motherhood and marriage have become enemies of womanhood. But how can I make such a blanket summation? Let’s look at some facts:

Women initiate most divorce proceedings.

Most women place their infant and toddler children into daycare centers due to full-time employment.

Most women cook, clean, launder, bathe children, and feed families after their full-time jobs.

Millions of women are overworked, tired, angry, and depressed in the home.

Most women are on decade-long diets and spend thousands of family dollars per year on “beauty” regimens.

Most women overspend on clothing, beauty aids, home decorating, over-the-counter drugs and anti-depressants.

Most mothers buy video games, tell-a-vision sets, and computer equipment to avoid active mothering.

Most mothers send their innocent children into the public school system without researching the political motivations and intentions of global education initiatives, Outcome-Based Education, School-To-Work initiatives, anti-Americanism, ecology-based religious manipulations, the CFR North American Community initiative, and so many other completely anti-American and anti-freedom movements.

Abortion is now viewed as a right of liberation.

And the “rights” of feminism are misnomers. This is where the belief in unalienable rights comes into play and contradiction with politically motivated rights – and particularly the rights of political feminism. Feminist “rights” are not rights whatsoever. They are created out of thin air to forward political missions. Unalienable rights simply exist as a result of God, decency, morality, and humanity.

If American women weren’t so glued to their mirrors, anti-depressants, angers, and ill health due to life-long diets, they might realize that massive population reduction, and its connection to global politics and the pharmaceutical and “health” industries, is MANDATED. The feminist movement has been pushing depopulation under the guises of “women’s rights” for decades. Now, ladies, it’s not so much of a stretch to understand the connection between abortion “rights,” reproductive legislation, and the mental heath movement, which specifically targets women and children, to realize that other “agendas” are afoot and off and running.

When you are talking about massive global population reduction, you are, in fact, talking about the control of women, their bodies, their unalienable and biological rights to pregnancies and babies, and marriage. Keep in mind that marriages are “licensed.” Don’t think for one second that further “controls” can’t be implemented via these “licenses.” Remember that Chinese women are allowed one baby (in some cases, two babies). “Be fruitful and multiply..” (Genesis 1:28) becomes an atrocity to the global movement and to political feminism. Here you see the womanly dilemma of unalienable rights vs. political intentions.

Feminism in America has taken the rights of women and implanted a new philosophy – a socially engineered, think tank doctrine – to eliminate the most fundamental rights and biological functions of womanhood. But why don’t we see this? How did the feminist movement, which claimed to represent the rights and needs of women, twist the most fundamental knowledge and instincts of women? I believe they accomplished this most devious and inhumane mission by 1) eliminating the opinions of women with brute political force built upon the profits of the abortion industry, and 2) by partnering themselves to globalist dollars (huge money) and missions – like the United Nations, for one.

If women are “liberated,” why do we need or continue to allow feminist organizations to lobby on our behalf? Why do we continue to support feminist organizations with our donations? For that matter, why are there two genders? Does the feminist movement and philosophy have the power and intelligence to change fundamental biology, to recreate the fundamental meaning of womanhood, AND to mandate their rules and opinions upon every American woman (or every woman on the planet)?

Political feminists are the enemy of women. If we disagree with their campaigns, we are considered to be ignorant idiots to be fought. They are no more or less than all previous gender enslavers, and we must get that through our thick and drugged heads. Freedom and liberation do not need masters, self-proclaimed intellectual elites, and social engineers!! Wake up American women. Your unhappiness is epidemic and rapidly spreading. You are being used as workhorses to a sick and manipulated political culture that is destroying your health and sanity, and is DEFINITELY destroying your children. Political feminism exemplifies total disrespect for women.

If you care about yourselves, your health, your children, and marriage, wise up and THINK! I ask readers to please read The Cultural Devastation of American Women, by yours truly. It is a book that matters and is desperately needed in today’s world. I promise it will help to clarify the dangerous trends and pitfalls that befall all of us in today’s managed reality. And, as always, I promise you will not be a bored reader. Such writing is not in my nature.

Rape and Incest Victims

Rape and Incest Victims Don't Want Abortion, Say It Doesn't Help Women
Voters Debating South Dakota Abortion Ban Unaware Abortion Intensifies Victims' Trauma

SPRINGFIELD, IL September 7, 2006 ( - Abortion creates more problems for rape and incest victims than it solves, according to the Ad Hoc Committee of Women Pregnant by Sexual Assault (WPSA).

In an effort to gain a public voice in the contentious abortion debate, the group has written a petition to Congress and state legislatures asking for public hearings at which women who've become pregnant through sexual assault can share their stories and address the real concerns that they have faced.

"In virtually every case, those people who claim to represent our interests have never taken the time to actually listen to us or to learn about our true circumstances, needs, and concerns," they wrote. "We are deeply offended and dismayed each time our difficult circumstances are exploited for public consumption to promote the political agenda of others."

The group is particularly concerned about the widespread misconception, even among people who generally oppose abortion, that sexual assault victims generally want or benefit from abortions.

For example, a statewide survey in South Dakota recently found a proposed abortion ban there would receive overwhelming support at the polls as long as it provided an exception for rape and incest cases. Without the exception, the ban is favored by only 39 percent, with 47 percent opposing it and 14 percent undecided.

However, the WPSA members say abortion does nothing to help women pregnant through sexual assault, and in many cases is actually detrimental to them.

"In many cases, we felt pressured to abort by family members, social workers, and doctors who insisted that abortion was the 'best' solution," they wrote. "For many the abortion caused physical and emotional trauma equal to or exceeding the trauma of the sexual assault that our abortions were supposed to 'cure.'"

Dr. David Reardon, who co-authored the book Victims and Victors: Speaking Out About Their Pregnancies, Abortions, and Children Resulting from Sexual Assault, said the results of the South Dakota poll results reflect voters' desire to spare women the hardships often associated with giving birth to a child conceived in sexual assault.

"Typically, most people have accepted the premise that sexual assault victims not only want abortions but will actually benefit from them," said Reardon, a leading researcher on post-abortion issues and director of the Elliot Institute. "They assume abortion will help victims put the assault behind them, recover more quickly, and avoid the problems that might arise with giving birth to the child--who is often described as the 'rapist's child' rather than the woman's child."

But the only two published studies that have actually tracked the choices and experiences of women who have become pregnant after rape or incest, Reardon said, actually lead to the opposite conclusions. Remarkably, both studies found that approximately 70 percent of pregnant rape victims chose to give birth rather than have abortions, even though abortion was readily available.

"Prior to becoming pregnant, many of these woman would have said that they would have an abortion if they became pregnant through rape." said Reardon. "But after the rape, many change their minds because they have a heightened concern about abuse and trauma. They want to break the cycle of violence. Many also sense that an abortion will only add to their emotional suffering."

Furthermore, in the Elliot Institute's survey of 192 women who became pregnant through rape or incest, nearly 80 percent of the woman who had abortions said that they strongly regretted the abortion, with most saying it had caused far more harm than good in their lives. Among women who gave birth to their children, the consensus against abortion was even stronger.

Of the women who reported having abortions, most reported feeling pressured by family members or health care workers to undergo abortions.

"This was especially the case for those who became pregnant through incest," Reardon said. "in almost every case, the abortion was chosen by the girl's parents or tragically, by the perpetrator himself. In some cases the abortion was used to cover up the incest and the girl was returned to the same abusive situation to be victimized again."

According to Reardon, the problem of coerced abortions is a national epidemic. A recent survey found that 64 percent of women who report a history of abortion also report feeling pressured by others to have abortions. Reardon said the percentage is likely higher for those who become pregnant through sexual assault.

In one case described in Victims and Victors, a woman who was impregnated by her father at the age of 15 wrote of being taken to the hospital, where her father demanded that an abortion be performed. When she refused, she was held down by the nurses and drugged before being subjected to the abortion.

"I grieve every day for my daughter," wrote the woman, who asked that her name be concealed to protect her privacy. "I have struggled every day to forget the abuse and the abortion. I can do neither. . . . The trauma of the rape and abuse was only intensified by the abortion."

Abortion, Reardon said, "gives molesters the means to cover up their crime and the opportunity to repeat it, subjecting the victims to repeated ongoing abuse as well as the additional trauma of an unwanted abortion."

More than a dozen studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals in the past several years have documented psychological problems among women who have had abortions, including higher rates of depression, substance abuse, psychiatric problems, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, sleep disorders, and other difficulties.

"Many of these studies indicate that women with a history of trauma are even more likely to experience traumatic reactions following an abortion," Reardon said. "Sexual assault victims are not immune to post-abortion trauma. Indeed, the best evidence suggests that they may be at the greatest risk of severe reactions to abortion."

But if sexual assault victims aren't offered abortions, what should be the response from those around them?

"The women in our survey said repeatedly that what they needed was time and support to come to terms with the assault and the resulting pregnancy," Reardon said. "While none proposed that there are any easy solutions, well over 80 percent believed that abortion clearly made their problems worse."

For Kathleen DeZeeuw, who raised her son after becoming pregnant through rape at the age of 16, the solution begins with attentive listening. She says abortion advocates have used the issue of sexual assault pregnancy to push for abortion without considering the real needs of the women involved.

"I feel personally assaulted and insulted every time I hear that abortion should be legal because of rape and incest," she wrote in Victims and Victors. "I feel we're being used to further the abortion issue, even though we've never been asked to tell our side of the story."

"Women who have gone through the trauma of rape or incest need to be counseled, cared for, and listened to," she added. "A woman is most vulnerable at a time such as this and doesn't need to be pounced on by yet another act of violence. She needs someone to truly listen to her, care for her, and give her time to heal."
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