Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Good Night's Rest

I'm notoriously awful at sleeping, which is weird because sleeping isn't really a skill, or at least not one most people lack. I suppose, though, it's not that I'm anatomically ill-equipped or something. I just sometimes fail to go to bed because I want to accomplish things or because I'm afraid of bad dreams...or for reasons unknown.

However, I was actually pretty good about getting sleep this summer, especially when there were kids in my cabin. I was exhausted most of the time; so, the fact that they had to go to bed early was awesome to me. Of course, I often had to sit awake while they went to the bath house, but that's another issue all together. This fall, I've been doing pretty well. I've had some random nights of sleeplessness, but most of the time, I go to bed at a reasonable hour...or at least more reasonable than in the past...and I sleep...Or, I get to tired, and I go to bed...most of the time. I'm pretty proud of this.

I'm now facing a dilemma, though. My parents came out to visit this past weekend and brought with them a few boxes that hadn't fit in the cruiser on my trip to Brookings. Among those boxes was my bedding. That might sound weird to you,'s how I roll. I figured since I'd stay at Bobbie's a few days on my way out here, I would need my sleeping bag. So, I packed that and have been sleeping in my sleeping bag sense. Well, but then again, I slept in my sleeping bag all summer except when I was on day camp. And...before summer started, I was already sleeping in my sleeping bag...starting about April-ish. I went home for Easter and washed my bedding. When I came back, I never felt motivated to make my bed. So, I slept under my quilt on top of my mattress pad, and once recharge season started, I was mostly all about the sleeping bag. Yup. So, other than a few choice weeks, I haven't really used bedding since...sometime in March? And now that I've been sleeping so well...I'm nervous. Do I put my bedding back on my bed? Or do I put it in my closet for a while and keep rocking the sleeping bag? Should I maybe phase in the start with just the top sheet and blanket and sleep on top of my sleeping bag but under the top sheet and blanket? Then add the quilt? Then the bottom sheet? I just don't know. All I know is I've definitely been stalling. My bedding's been in my room for 3 days now. I'm still happily sleeping in my purple sleeping bag...I think I'm an addict.

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