Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's in Your Purse?

So, have you ever seen the Boy Meets World episode where Cory and Sean find a purse and dig through the contents to learn about the owner. Sean is like totally impressed by the kiwi lip gloss, book of sonnets, and action movie tickets. He says that's the woman for him...he does end up dating her for a long time...

Well, that got me thinking a bit. Actually, I'm not even sure why I was thinking about that episode or that show...I've not seen either one for a loooong time...whatever...Be that as it may, I was thinking about this and what's in my purse and what that says about me.

I remember a friend digging through my purse one day a couple years back and finding a multi-tool, an eye patch, some lip gloss, and payment options...yup...don't know what the eye patch was for really...I think left over from a city band performance of Pirates of the Caribbean...

Now, the contents would vary depending on the purse and the occasion, but you would most likely find: kleenex, carmex, a comb, band-aids, moist towelettes or hand sanitizer, various keys, money (checks, cards, etc.), phone, and my Java City punch card...on special occassions, you might find my multi-tool or a camera or my Bible (those vary, though).

So, what does that say about me? Sean was impressed because the kiwi lip gloss was exotic and showed that Angela cared about her lips. The sonnets showed she was deep. The action tickets, someone fun.

Mine would show...that I'm prepared? and...have responsibilities that require money? I have a home and a car? I am a caffeine addict? I could be outdoorsy or sentimental or spiritual? IDK...perhaps I can't analyze it because I actually put those things in my purse...and can only think of the reasons why and not the traits that those reasons reflect? (I especially don't know what the eye patch said about me...though that was back in the day...) Just musings. Do with them what you will.

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