Tuesday, February 28, 2006

1215 Update

Bill 1215- the bill banning abortion in South Dakota has passed both the House and the Senate with only one amendment added. It was signed by the Speaker of the House this week, and is now on its way to Governor Rounds. Reports have said that Governor Rounds will more than likely sign. A fund has been opened in Pierre for anyone who cares to donate to the legal battle that will result from the signing of the bill. However, Rounds and many pro-lifers in South Dakota are anxious to get this bill on the way to the Supreme Court, where it will challenge the ruling made in Roe v. Wade. At a governors' conference, last weekend, Rounds found that South Dakota has support from several other states. In fact, Georgia, South Carolina, and Indiana are trying to pass similar legislation. South Dakota's session just opened sooner and will pass before theirs (hopefully). Point is, pro-lifers across the nation are coming together. If and when these bills reach the Supreme Court, they will be a direct challenge to the Roe v. Wade decision, it's a chance for the courts to reconsider the earlier ruling. So, in short, keep Governor Rounds in your prayers. If you want more information, check out
  • Keloland.com
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  • lifesite.net
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