Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pick a Comforter

So, I'm all moved in, now...I guess...and I'm adjusting to my new home...South Dakota life...uhhhhhhhh.....It's still a bit weird for me, I guess...Classes start, tomorrow. I think that will actually help me out because, right now, as I consider involvement in different things, I have to like imagine what my schedule will be like. Tomorrow, I'll start living it. I must admit, I miss all of my friends and in person friends alike. Hopefully, the RCC will get my lappy to work, today, and I can get on MSN, again. Or y'all could just answer your phones *pouts*.

Anyway, it's been a bit of a tough transition for me...not knowing's a bit scary...and I don't want to get caught up with people who won't be good friends just because I'm lonely...maybe I'll meet someone from Christian Campus Ministries, today. I hope so...and I hope that I can figure out what activities to pursue. I'm supposed to audition for the orchestra, tomorrow, but do I really have time for that? I was offered a position on the Vision Team for Christian Campus I want to pursue that? Would that be better than orchestra? Do I have the time and talent to really pursue that? Should I join the Nursing Students Association?

There are just so many questions running through my mind, right now. I wish I knew what to do...I think I just need to pick a comforter, and then, I'll be fine.

Before I left, I agonized over which comforter to adorn my bed had to be just right...warm, fun, practical, comfortable, and big enough for my bed...At first, I worried about what everyone else would think of my comforter...worried that they would laugh, but I realized that if I went by someone else's opinion, I may actually end up with something that wouldn't be right...I realize, now, that the same needs to be true whenever I am choosing a comforter. The Lord is always there for me...He meets all the criteria, and now that I'm on campus, I really need to remember to turn to Him. I don't know everything, and I don't know a lot of people...but I know God, and He will provide for me if I trust Him. Being human, it's scary to give up control, but I never really had, it shouldn't bother me to acknowledge the sovreign reign of the Father. On these nights filled with choices and these days filled with opportunities, I look to the Lord for my comfort, my strength, and my courage. Though I had to leave so many of my comforters behind, I have the ultimate one with me always. He'll make it all work out...and help me to be surrounded by others who embody the same love and can comfort me, too...Thank you to all my comforters...all of my friends...all those who have been praying for me. I love you all. *cries a bit*

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Amy said...

awww! this post gave me an insane warm fuzzy... im so glad we have the same Comforter! He is so awesome, isnt God... anyway, um, *Scratches head to see if her phone was called--nope.. hehe just teasing you takara*.... bed bath and beyond has some super cute dorm accessories if you need ideas... um, i lost any cohesive thought i had about this just now, or where i was going with this, so.. g'day!