Saturday, August 06, 2005

Delightfully? Overwhelmed

Whoa! So much to do and literally so little time! I feel swamped with practicing, prepping, planning, packing....(today's post was brought to you by the letter "P") "Why so busy?" you may ask, "Isn't it summer?" Well, my dear, it may be summer, but I am still perpetually busy. I am not this way just to perplex you all, and I really don't think I bit off more than I can chew...I think I'm just plain tired. Perhaps I could remedy the situation by merely getting more sleep. I bet that's probably true. Anyway, the reason I am soooooooo that everything is drawing to a close. The deadlines I have been working to reach all summer long are practically here. There's the girls' group meeting, tomorrow, that I must prep for, the Purity retreat that I am preparing to lead, this Friday night, the wedding that I'm playing bassoon at, next week, and then...there's *sings creepy music* the fact that I must finish packing before I leave for college in.......just under three weeks...*gulps*

Don't feel bad for me, though. I may be plum tuckered out, but I'm not crazy...I'm not in pain...and I know that the above paragraph was probably filled with unnecessary ranting. I apologize for that...I guess, the point is that I AM busy, but that I love all that I'm doing, right now. I'm pooped (I used the term for the "p", I'm not going to lie), but I'm not stressed out...surprisingly. I guess, when you pursue the passions that God has placed in your heart, when you follow His will regardless of what it may do to your schedule, He will provide you with the strength you need to carry on. He'll bless you with friends who are supportive and uplifting, he'll give you people who can and will provide you with assistance, and He'll fill your heart with peace. I suppose some may think I'm crazy...and some my say that this is just the fatigue talking, but I feel really close to my God, right now...not as close as I'd like to be...but definitely a lot closer than I've been in the past. Isn't our Lord amazing!

I hope that you all will be filled with peace as you prepare to deal with a variety of changes. Whether you're family has been uprooted or you are dealing with pain or you are merely having to cope with a new learning environment, I hope and pray that you will be able to feel the Lord's loving presence, that you will be able to see His glory through those that surround you. You have all been such blessings to me. Thank you for showing Christ's love and mercy to me and for helping me out, this summer. Thank you for not giving up on me...I know I can be a handful. You are all such blessings, and I know that the Lord has used each and every one of you to bring me a portion of the joy I feel, now. Thank you so much...*happy tears*...Remember that God and I love you.


Haph said...

what's with all the highlighted p's?

Takytulips said...

The post was brought to you by the letter "p". I had to shout out the p's. Come on, now.