Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mind-bottling, isn't it?

"You know when your thoughts get so crazy they get trapped, like in a bottle."

I am sooo there, right now! I feel like I'm going crazy. I'm actually using my homework to try to focus in and concentrate and not lose my mind. I know, crazy. But I just...feel crazy and have a sense of dread about me...too much to think on...too much going on...too much crazy! And as funny as the term "mind-bottling" sounds, it's kind of accurate. It's like my thoughts are bottle-necked. There are so many thoughts and feelings and junk that I feel like I need to purge a few of them, but I can't because they're all jostling against each that none of them can escape...they're just standing there shoulder-to-shoulder, trapped...that's kind of what I'm feeling trapped...I have this amazing ominous feeling today. It's rough...that's the twinge of panic...every now and then, I'm just hit by a brief moment of pain and panic (hahas...anyone seen Hercules). It's okay, though. I've got my homework to focus me in, to drown out the noise...and coffee to artificially make me feel chill.

Yes, this the crazy blog post of the weekend...but it feels so good just to put a little of that crazy out there...not for anyone to see in particular...just so it's out there, beyond me, a bit removed...*sigh*

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Jasa McKenzie said...

So, I totally know how this goes. And the the title caught my eye by the way...blades of glory..nice. anyway, when this bottling of the mind comes around getting away for a little while and some chill time with JC is always a diffuser. Like, quake, I was totally bottled for like two weeks, super busy with homework and then that weekend i completely cooled down. So, if you ever need someone to get you "away" for a bit [[great conversation included]]..."hit me up yo."