Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Post-interview Thoughts

I have returned from my interview with fewer answers than questions. However, I believe it was a successful endeavor. I think I impressed my instructors with my preparedness, qualifications, attitude, and educational background. They were impressed by the experiences I had already had and seemed satisfied with my answers. Plus, they liked that I was repaired with research and questions of my own. I aim to please. :P I must say they did answer my questions well, as well. They did a good job of conveying that their facility is moving forward in technology but that it aims to provide holistic and patient-focused care. They impressed me with the opportunities to involved in professional conversations and organizations through the facility. They impressed me with the measures the facility has taken to successfully minimize nurse turnover/burnout. They impressed me with the opportunities and resources in place to assist new graduates in adjusting to professional practice. It seems like I would learn a lot and get a lot of experience. I wouldn't get as much technical experience in the areas I would most like it, but they said they do provide opportunities to practice those skills in a lab of sorts. It's not a bad set-up. It could be good. I still don't know if it's where I want to be, and I still don't know if I want to come home for the summer, but I do know that my interview went well (despite minor set backs this morning). I'll find out in late February or early March (just like every other internship/job application) whether or not I have a position at PRHC (there are only two intern positions :O ). So, I guess we'll wait and see if I get any other interviews and go from there. This did not narrow anything down for me, but it was nice because I was able to be confident and articulate and express myself -- who I am, what I have to offer, etc. I felt competent, which generally rocks. I do love nursing, and I hope I can one day find an awesome facility to work in. I'm going to have to continue to hit my knees ab0ut this. I'm hoping that God will make it clear to me where I'm called to be next. I know that this semester, I'm called to be working with youth, practicing nursing, and growing in my faith...after that? Gawl, I must say, a base pay of $10.45 is not anything to scoff at, though. I mean, I could definitely use that cash...I'm soo shallow! Or such a college student! ;) Whatever, I'm going to go make some supper (chicken parmesan) and contemplate "calling", which reminds me, I need to finish my Ewalu app.

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