Saturday, January 31, 2009

An Odd Day

I have been very introspective today, and for once, I liked what I was assessing. Like...I was pleased who I am and how I look...for the most part...that's unusual for me. I found that's been happening more and more...enjoying myself...and learning more and more about myself at a crazy rate, lately. I've been discovering more and more about what my passions and interests and strengths and weaknesses. It's weird to me to realize things about myself, and it seems as soon as I might think they could have some truth to them, I start trying to dismiss them as fiction that I made up to make myself feel better. Today, I glanced in the mirror periodically today, and I liked what I saw. I looked cute and yet extremely casual with my boy shorts and oversized tie dye t-shirt. Some days, I do look in the mirror and think that I'm pretty. Today was the first day that I really realized that it wasn't the outfit or the hair really...I mean, they were good and I'd like to think I sometimes wear cute clothes or cute hairstyles, but today I wondered if maybe the reason I thought I was beautiful or attractive or pretty or whatever it was that made me stop and look at myself in the mirror...maybe it was more me than it was the outfit or accessories (especially since I'd put like zero effort into my look this morning)....maybe, just maybe, it's me.

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