Monday, July 24, 2006


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by Winsome Smith

The young couple came into the small assembly, not knowing quite what to expect. As weeks passed, they found a warm welcome and became part of the community of believers who worshipped with this church. The love and acceptance they found helped to make God's love and acceptance more clear.One Sunday morning they came in with their infant son and found their seats. The service began and the baby began to fuss a bit. Soon his tears began. The young father stood to take his son outside, not wanting to disturb the other worshippers. As he stood, the pastor turned to the father and asked him to stay, saying with simplicity and grace, "Crying babies are a part of the family too, you know."Dear one, you may sometimes find tears near the surface, yet struggle with allowing them to fall. Time after time I talk with ladies who say, "I don't cry." Many in our society, both men and women, have a difficult time with allowing themselves to cry. May I encourage you with the words from this pastor: "Crying babies are a part of the family too." There are times when each of us feels weak or vulnerable. Sometimes we grow afraid, angry or sad. That does not make you unacceptable in His family. As His children, we're not put out of the family nor out of the room for feeling, even showing, real emotion.God is near those who are broken hearted (Psalm 34:8). As a parent feels for his or her child, so our Heavenly Father has compassion upon us (Psalm 103:13). He longs to gather us to His own heart and say, "Be still, My child. I'm here. You're still a part of the family."

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