Saturday, May 27, 2006

I think Something Needs to be Done

Something needs to be done to strengthen the body of Christ. Something needs to be done to help Christians in America underestand the personal relationship they have with Christ. Something needs to be done so that young men won't disappear from the church as soon as they get confirmed. Something needs to be done so that young people won't feel like being confirmed is some obligation that they have, something they do because it is required of them, something they do to please their parents. Something needs to be done so they can realize that coming together at church for worship or Sunday school or Bible study is a remarkable blessing and privelage. They need to be lit on fire! Something needs to be done to bring young people together as a family in Christ so that they feel connected to the larger group and know that they're loved. Something needs to be done so that the church in America would stop shrinking as the church grows overseas. The Gospel has yet to be declared to all the nations, but gains are being made. But we're losing ground in the United States, which saddens me deeply. Something needs to be done. I have ideas, but I don't know if I'm the one to execute them. I just pray that God would lead someone to minister to these young people. I pray that God's will is the something that is done.

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Anonymous said...

Tru dat! My friends and I were talking about that today. We, all men, were focusing specifically on the decline of men in the Church. We talked about how the Church is emmasculated. That's not how it was meant to be. I mean, read the Old Testament. God isn't some passive diety who just sits around crying about all of His problems, He smites those who are in His way and destroys His enemies. In Revelation, Jesus comes in on a white horse with swords coming out of His mouth. Is that not manly? Isn't that just amazing? I think Jesus could even whip Chuck Norris. But seriously, I think that there is a great denial of the true nature of a man in many Christian churches. One pastor that I've listened to talked about his two-year-old son and how when his mother goes to the grocery store, the boy puts on his full armor, crown, and sword. When his father asked what he was doing, the little boy said, "I have to protect mommy." Those are the type of men we need in the Church today, and I think that it is really up to parents and youth directors to present what it is to be a man or woman of Christ and show the youth of today what they should become.

And I think that God calls us all to this task. I mean, we all have young people who look up to us (If anyone thinks they don't, then they just haven't realized it yet). These young people want to be what we are and will listen to almost anything we say, so it is up to us to be the best examples of Christian men and women so that when we are looked up to, the youth see Jesus in us and want to imitate that.

I think that is what we can do to help bring Christianity back to America.