Monday, January 02, 2006


I found this poem on the purity forums. I kind of liked the concept.

I Am A Married Woman
Author unknown

I’m a married woman,
Most folks just don’t know it.
My body is my husband’s.
I don’t rightly own it.

No one else
Has any claim on me.
I am my husband’s—
Don’t touch his property.

Treat me like a married woman,
‘Cause that’s just what I am, you see.
God has a husband picked out for me,
And I am waiting for him, faithfully.

So think of me as a sister—
Don’t look at me lustfully.
I’m not a means for thrills.
I’m a married woman, you see.

I am not a toy to make you feel good,
I’m not a decoration for your arm
To make you look good,
I’m not yours to love or harm.

People talk about “free sex”
But there’s no such thing with me.
Sex with me comes at a high price:
Lifelong marriage and fidelity.

I’ll be your friend and sister
But nothing more.
My husband is the one
I am waiting for.

To be his and only his,
‘Til death do us part.
I am committed to him
With my body, mind, and heart.

So treat me like you would
If my husband was at hand.
Look at me with purity—
I am a married woman.

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Danielle said...

Right on, sister!