Wednesday, September 07, 2005

too good to be true?

Can things be too good to be true? Am I just a bit too cynical? Do I look too hard for flaws?

An excerpt from one of my textbooks:

"When presented with a new idea, some of us take pride in being critical thinkers. We look for problems. We probe for weaknesses. We continue to doubt the idea until there's clear proof. Our main question seems to be "What's wrong with this idea?" This approach can be useful when it is vital to expose flaws in ideas or reasoning. On the other hand, when we constantly look for what's wrong with new ideas, we might not recognize their value. A different and potentially more powerful approach is to ask youself: What if that idea is true? This opens up all sorts of new possibilities and variations. Rather than looking for what's wrong, we can look for what's potentially valuable. Faced with a new idea, we can stay in the inquiry, look deeper, and go further."

hmmmm.....maybe I should take that advice...I probably need to, right?