Saturday, February 03, 2007

Child Care on Campus

So, it seems that SDSU is granting a small part of my dream. It's not quite what I envisioned, but I can't deny that I am super pleased to see that SDSU has been awarded a grant to provide child care for students at the on-campus child development center. It's not free child care, but the grant does pay part of the cost for parents to have their kids at the on-campus center. It's both exciting and encouraging. We'll have to see how well it is utilized, but I do hope this program grows and becomes even more user friendly. I truly believe that affordable child care for students is an asset that benefits all of us here on this campus. It makes it easier for parenting students (some of which are our friends and classmates) to more easily attend classes. It grants more opportunities for the early childhood education majors that work in the child development center. We'll have to see exactly how things play out, but I am definitely excited.

Here's the description of the program from the school website:

CCAMPIS - "Child Care Access Means Parents in School"

To: CCAMPIS Childcare Applicants
SDSU has initiated a joint venture with the United Retirement Center’s Child Development Center in order to meet childcare needs of students. All undergraduate students who have childcare needs may apply.

Priority will be given to those:
(1) who are full-time students
(2) who demonstrate a great financial need
(3) who are from underrepresented groups within the student body, and
(4) who have children with disabilities

The application contains three sections: (materials available below)
1. The SDSU application page
2. The URC Child Development Center section
3. The South Dakota Childcare Assistance program application section

• You will need to apply for South Dakota Childcare Assistance through the state office in Pierre as CCAMPIS funds are intended to supplement existing federal funds.

• This information is necessary in evaluating your application--please turn this entire section in with your application.

• If funded by the CCAMPIS grant, you will need to check back within 1 month before the start of childcare need in order to update and sign this section of your application. (Childcare Assistance in Pierre will not evaluate applications prior to 1 month before need.)

The collaborative effort between SDSU and the URC Child Development Center is exciting. It has a lot of potential to serve students, in the capacity of parents with children and those working in the fields of health, early childhood education and human services.

The potential childcare funding for each student, depending on continuing needs, could possibly follow the student through his/her college career. Each year a re-evaluation process to assess needs will be conducted; therefore, those students who have previously received funding will need to submit a new application in order to determine their current need.

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