Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Things are heating up...what will happen next?

The abortion bill signed into law by Governor Rounds is under a lot of scrutiny by pro-choice groups in South Dakota as well as those across the country. Most recently, a group from Wisconsin, "Basic-Abortion-Rights Network", has filed a petition in Pierre to try to put the abortion law on the November ballot. If that were to happen, the law would need to have the majority of the public vote to remain on the books. To get the law on the ballot, the petition will need 17,000 signatures by mid June. I know that any group can begin a petition, making what this group did entirely kosher, but I'm unsure as to where the signatures must come from. Few groups in South Dakota are truly in favor of this petition, not even the pro-choicers. The bill will either go to the public vote or to the courts or even both. This petition may delay the legal also gives another opportunity for the law to get shot down. This is another obstacle, it seems, and one I'm unsure how to approach, individually or in the context of a group. If anyone has suggestions, let me know. Definitely, though, continue to hold this law and the people of South Dakota in your prayers. God bless you all.

*edit* I just read in an article on that the petition can only be signed by South Dakota residents. The group that has sponsored this petition has remained elusive and their efforts are not supported by pro-choicers or pro-lifers. That kind of throws things up in the air? What will happen next? Only God knows...this story has already been exciting...Yay, God!

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Jordan Harlow said...

Remember if this is in God's will he will protect the bill. (Too much rhyming). Lets keep on praying, and trust in God.